How to Search for names of phone numbers

February 10, 2021 0 Comments

Not long ago a friend contacted me and asked if I could help him solve a problem. He woke to a lot of screenshots and threats from an unknown number. the shocking part as how the person was able to have screenshots of all hi chats with other people from his whatsApp account. I thought wahtsapp is supposed to be for personal use. When did personal whatsapp messages become accessible to the general public when the user of that account has not granted access.

Well, my answer is simple, anything that can be transmitted accross the internet, so far as it’s not done securely can be intercepted by third party user via several means. we shall deal with that later on but fo this article let’s focus on the one thing my friend wanted to achieve which is why he called me.

Question: Can you please help me find out who is actually behind this, how do I get access to him or her. I want to know the real person behind this he spoke in a very sad voice.

To look up the names of the real person or prsons behind a mobile phone number without working with the networks or security agencies, seriously is like chasing after the wind. You get to skim your hand through an empty space anytime you try.

Truth is the best places to look for solution is calling you network operator and repporting the threat on your life by that unknown number calling you. If you are lucky and they are generous enough they will offer that help to put your heart at peace. You can also contact the digital and special online fraud unit of your local, county or district police station to issue a warrant or get a court order on your behalf to order the sim card provider (The Network) to provide you with details of whoever owns that number. But that most of the time could take years if not months, especially if you do not have a fat pocket to spread something around. Hope you get what I mean.

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