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Digi Picks – Curation of worlds best platforms

The internet today is so so much bedevilled with a lot of money making opportunities. This begins with making money out of building , designing or developing websites, apps or even selling hosting to clients. Others include trading in forex or Crypto, taking online surveys, offerwalls, Q and A’s, Fauceting, investments, etc. No day passes […]

Safeguarding your crypto in Coinbase Vault

A lot of crypto currency users are worried about how to safeguard their hard earned assets in their wallets. Experience will teach you that if your only goal is to earn bitcoin and other crypto currencies and push them into you wallet for keeping, then you are in for truble. YOu could wake up the […]

Express Crypto…The way to go

I love the chats section on Express Crypto because for some of us that have been using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter for over five years now, our lives would have been worth 1 BTC or more if the brilliant Developers from Express Crypto had invented it earlier. Probably the same year as […]

from 1289.45 USD to 1004 USD in one refresh, Crypto life.

from 1289.45 USD to 1004 USD in one refresh

My Confessions on How I met Express Crypto

To start from here, I will be real. When I got introduced to the world of Bitcoin and Crypto back in 2015 by my younger brother who had then started studying computer science in a polytechnic that had just been upgraded to a University, It took me two (2) years to really sit to research […]